About Us

Farmec is a new brand of NZ built farm machinery. Owner Gary Baker has combined his 30 years in the agricultural manufacturing sector with his repertoire of over 3,000 implements already out there working on NZ farms being sold as both Taege and Agmech.

The Farmec ethos is to manufacture gear that:

  • the function of the vehicle exceeds the customer expectation
  • the vehicle is manufactured to require a minimum of maintenance
  • the build quality gives a minimum of 25 years of use
  • the strongest and best materials are always used

With renowned innovative engineering, a new range of products has been designed using the latest computer CAD software. By using steel sizes efficiently and having the same welders for 15 years we have been able to offer products at very competitive rates. Farmec is a top end supplier for farmers that know what they want and we endeavor to try and offer the best product at the right money.

The supply chain for farm machinery is getting smaller as the NZ cost to build spiral up, more and more European machinery is coming in that is generally built to a price point rather than what Farmec offers being “Function and strength”…

“Everything is built to perform, and designed to last” said Gary Baker.
“We are giving a new exciting alternative for the NZ farmer”.

An additional product line has come from the Hubbards Machinery brand, which like many Christchurch based manufacturing companies has lost traction following the 2010 earthquakes. At this stage Farmec is offering custom built Cambridge rollers as well as water blasted rollers built to customer specific requirements.